Why should I join?


To be union is to believe that we can achieve so much together that we can ever hope to alone.

By joining the ASU you have made the decision that things need to change and that by supporting each other you and your colleagues can raise issues, make those changes together. When you’re a member, you aren't alone- someone is always in your corner.

There are more great benefits to joining the ASU, members at Flight Centre:

  • Are covered by free journey insurance (protecting you in case you have an accident on the way to or from work);

  • Can call the ASU Members Assistance Line (where you can ask questions and get advice about your work at FC) through the Union office;

  • Have access trained Union staff (called organisers) who are on hand to help with local issues, supporting members and negotiating enterprise agreements;

  • Receive regular updates and information about FC and the travel industry;

  • Can claim membership subscription back at tax time - it's fully tax deductible;

  • and most importantly being an ASU member means you get the chance to change things at work- together.