Who are the ASU?


The ASU is the Travel Industry Union - and all Flight Centre staff are welcome to join and be part of the ASU. Members make the decisions and we are an active, progressive union. By joining with your union colleagues, you shape the direction of your union. Members are the union, and are supported to maintain and improve working conditions.

FC Squad is powered by the Travel Industry Union, you can join the Australian Services Union here.

ASU members at Flight Centre get:

  • free journey insurance (protecting you in case you have an accident on the way to or from work);

  • access to the ASU Members Assistance Line (where you can ask questions and get advice about your work at Flight Centre);

  • regular updates and information about Flight Centre and the travel industry;

  • to claim membership subscription back at tax time - it's fully tax deductible;

  • and most importantly being an ASU member means you get the chance to change things at work- together.

If you want someone in your cornerĀ join online today to become an ASU member.