FC Squad goals

FC Squad is the place for all the Flight Centre Crew to get together and connect. We've got sweet cash prizes, banging playlists, travel industry updates and more. The FC Squad is powered by the ASU, the Travel Industry Union. This is just the beginning, so get involved.

Everyone needs a good squad, and a good squad needs great #SquadGoals.


Fill in our super short survey and go in the draw to win 1 of 10 $50 visa cards. Refer a friend from work and get a second chance draw!


Tell us your perfect song to spin in the work day and we'll compile Flight Centre: The Greatest Hits on Spotify.


We want to link up travel experts from across Flight Centre to talk about what's hot (and what's not!) about all things Flight Centre. We want to connect with each other, right across Australia, so that we can make Flight Centre the best place possible to work.


Sign up for the latest news about all things Flight Centre and get involved with FC Squad - powered by the Australian Services Union. Together we are unbeatable (just like our fares!).